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07 Jun A small fabric that links
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--In memory of the late Bunga Yohanis (Papa' Eka)-- In 1999, a group of Toraja people was invited to the traditional Indonesian festival "Pasar Malam" held in The Hague in the Netherlands to introduce the culture of dance, song and textiles. Among ..
12 May A Toraja House
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The Toraja House provides shelter, manifests social standing, and reflects fundamental cosmological precepts of the Sa'dan Area of Tana Toraja. As no separate houses of whorship exixst in the traditional Toraja world, the common house may be tought o..
02 Aug Indonesian Art
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It is quite difficult to define Indonesian art, since the country is immensely diverse. The sprawling archipelago nation consists of 17.000 islands. Around 922 of those permanently inhabited, by over 300 ethnic groups, which speaking more than 700 li..
15 Sep Lima Kerajinan Tangan Khas Sulawesi Selatan
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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Kerajinan tangan selalu memiliki pesona tersendiri bagi wisatawan. Di Sulawesi Selatan terdapat beragam kerajinan tangan khas yang menarik dan bisa dijadikan sebagai buah tangan atau kenang-kenangan. Berikut lima kerajinan tangan kha..
15 Sep The Tau Tau
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A Tau Tau is a carved wooden or bamboo effigy of the deceased that is usually commissioned upon a person’s death. Tau translates as ‘man‘ and so Tau Tau translates as ‘men‘ or ‘statue‘. Traditionally they were only carved to reveal the gender of thei..
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